It’s Business (and Personal)

Blogging is hard for me. I have no schedule. No routine. No task list. I recently told a friend that I can adapt to just about anything. Teaching myself things and blogging are apparently two things where I need someone or something to motivate me to the point of actually getting something done... I want… Continue reading It’s Business (and Personal)

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I think in life it's important to stay...malleable. With our minds, hearts, schedules, and sometimes even people. For weeks I've been struggling with my thoughts, my heart, my schedule, and with people. I know I'm the root of my anxiety and I'm also the root of my stress. I need to not think too much… Continue reading Malleability

Thoughts & Updates


The last time I wrote it was about money. I feel bad. I've been gone for so long and I did exactly what most would consider blasphemous when it comes to blogging: I took a break. However ignorant it may seem, for me it was somewhat necessary. I needed to understand and make plans. I… Continue reading Regrouping


Budgeting Isn’t For Everyone

Budgeting. A word I absolutely can't stand. I'm not a money person. I don't know finances that well. If someone asked me about APR, escrow, or stocks I would probably cry and blubber in front of them. And, truthfully, I don't believe in budgeting for myself. For me, budgeting is simply cutting things out that… Continue reading Budgeting Isn’t For Everyone


Visual Effects: Why I Suck at Them

Visual effects are important to blogging. Though I'm not sure why in some cases. Some articles I read and there are fifty pictures and I'm the idiot who doesn't look at a single picture and just wants to drink in all the words. That's who I am. There are just some posts I don't feel need… Continue reading Visual Effects: Why I Suck at Them


The Importance of Exit Interviews

Before my last job, I had no idea that exit interviews were even a thing. No job before that one had done them - as if an exiting employee can give no company advice ever. Companies, more often than not, don't even care what you have to say as you exit their company. Once you've… Continue reading The Importance of Exit Interviews


High Employee Turnover: Why More Companies Should Care

I think we've all been at a company where about every month they're replacing another employee. We watch as our employers waste resources on training new employees when they should be taking care of the employees they already have. And maybe the reason they're always training someone new is because they have to keep firing… Continue reading High Employee Turnover: Why More Companies Should Care